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How can we contribute sustainably to a clean, future-proof planet? This question is at the heart of our journey with WasteReduction. Saving the world is not easy, because the reasons for the plastic crisis are multifaceted and true environmental friendliness is often difficult to distinguish from greenwashing solutions.


You are in the right place if

… you work in an environmentally conscious company and want to better understand the background of plastic offsetting.

… dir unsere Umwelt am Herzen liegt und du mehr über das Plastikproblem, „Greenwashingfallen“ und echte Lösungsansätze erfahren willst.


In our blog posts, we debunk the wildest myths that many consumers and companies fall victim to. But our posts are not just about problems. We present ideas that lead us to a clean planet and talk about our solution. In order to make the impact of this financial approach understandable, we provide our readers with scientific background information on the global plastic crisis.