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One project alone cannot solve the global plastic crisis.Therefore, we support different projects in various countries.

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long-term through education and awareness-raising

Category: Clean-Up, Waste Management, Upcycling

„Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality“ – Zertifiziert

TONTOTON ist in Kambodscha und Vietnam aktiv und beseitigt „Tonne für Tonne“ Plastikmüll, der sonst unsere Natur verschmutzen würde. 


We support TONTOTON not only with funds for clean-ups, but mainly by financing plastic waste collection from households. In Cambodia, there is no regular waste collection in place. People are left to deal with their waste on their own or face pay high fees to have their waste collected. 

We have changed that together with TTT and pay households a small bonus when they sort and hand over their waste to us instead of disposing it in nature.

The plastic waste is then sorted in the TONTOTON´s factory. Recyclable plastic is recycled and we financially subsidize the proper disposal of the non-recyclable part.

Das Projekt ist offiziell nach dem „Ocean Bound Plastic Neutrality“ – Standard von „Zero Plastic Ocean“ zertifiziert. Auf Grundlage dieser Zertifizierung fördern wir die Verwertung des Plastikmülls, der für alle wertlos ist und der dadurch häufig in der Natur und im Meer landet. Die Arbeit unseres Partners wird dort jährlich durch externe und unabhängige Kontrolleure begutachtet und geprüft. Nur so erlangt das Projekt eine Rezertifizierung für das nächste Jahr.

In Cambodia, TONTOTON operates on an area of approximately 200 km². The sorting and processing factory is located in the outskirts of the city of Sihanoukville (Google Maps link)Further information can be found on the TONTOTON website here.

Category: Clean-Up, Waste Management, Upcycling

Project Wings gGmbH is one of WasteReduction´s clean-up and waste management partners. With their diverse efforts in Indonesia, they free nature from plastic waste.  

Plastic bottles and other plastic waste is upcycled into so-called ecobricks. Local community members collect waste, which is then filled into plastic bottles, each containing 0.5kg of plastic, to use as construction material. This simple system conserves rainforests while giving plastic waste value. Waste Reduction financesecobricks, for which locals who collect plastic receive approximately 30 cents, which is equivalent to the value of a warm meal. Project Wings is currently building the largest recycling village in the world.

Since 2018, Project Wings has been operating in Bukit Lawang (Google Maps link) . Seit 2019 sieht es in Bukit Lawang anders aus: Zweimal wöchentlich werden nun die Abfälle der Region getrennt eingesammelt und der Kunststoffmüll zu der neu gebauten „Trashbank“ gebracht. The aim is to collect a total of around 250 tonnes of plastic waste.

The plastic waste is used to create the ecobricks. This rudimentary but ingenious building concept was developed in cooperation with the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences in Münster. 

The other activities of Project Wings go beyond the issue of plastic waste. The organisation implements a holistic concept in Sumatra, including educational offers, reforestation, and animal protection.

Category: Waste Management, Recycling

„Plastic Waste Reduction Program“ – Zertifizierung im Prozess

NIDISI gGmbH is a partner of WasteReduction, building waste management in Nepal with their project "ReValue". Our focus in collaboration with NIDISI is to recycle valueless plastic waste in rural areas.

The inadequate recycling and disposal options for plastic waste also pose an ecological challenge for Nepal. The waste ends up in overcrowded landfills, in nature, or is environmentally harmfully burned. With Nidisi, we enable non-recyclable waste from landfills to have a new life in road construction, reducing the need for bitumen from petroleum. Additionally, Nidisi reduces the volume of plastic waste by refining it as an alternative fuel. This allows for savings in other energy sources such as coal or petroleum in cement factories. This ensures that the waste no longer pollutes nature and is used as a resource. 

Dabei wird das Projekt zusätzlich von externen Prüfern zertifiziert und arbeitet seit Anfang 2023 nach dem „Plastic Waste Reduction“ Standard von „Verra“, um das Vertrauen in ihre Arbeit zu stärken. Damit schützt NIDISI die Natur, verstärkt das Bewusstsein für Kunststoff als Ressource und schafft fair bezahlte Arbeitsplätze.


In March 2022, NIDISI started operating the first of two factories. The two locations are Tokha, Kathmandu and Kushma.

Category: Clean-up

The OCLEAN gGmbH is a clean-up partner of Waste Reduction based in Hamburg. With great commitment, the three sisters work against plastic waste in the ocean. The Elbe River alone transports an estimated 42,000 kg of plastic waste into the North Sea each year. In order to prevent this, OCLEAN brings the issue of waste into the public eye and mobilizes people of all ages to participate in garbage collection campaigns. This creates awareness of the waste problem in Germany and fosters a willingness to take action. 

Category: Clean-up, recycling

In a partnership project, the first village on the Albanian Ishëm River starts to separate household waste and recycles it. 

For us, this sounds normal, but in the European neighborhood, people are left alone with their waste due to inadequate waste management.

Rural areas in Albania are drowning in waste and contribute significantly to the pollution of the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean. Since the plastic waste of many villages is not collected adequately, it ends up in nature or is openly burned. The Ishëm River (also known as Ishmi in Albanian) is one of the three most polluted rivers in Europe and transports around 503,600 kg of plastic waste into the Adriatic Sea, annually. Our expert and partner Lulzim has studied waste management in Albania and works at the Ministry of Environment in Kosovo. Together with him, a project is being set-up which implements education, waste collection, and recycling in the region.

From 2022 onwards, we will start working in the village of Breg Shkoze (Google Maps link) (Google Maps link) near Tirana. We will be expanding waste management in the region, depending on the offsetting amounts and funding from our customers and sponsors. 

The project finances and enables awareness-raising with the residents, the necessary infrastructure, waste collection in the region, waste sorting, and transportation to the recycler.

Environmental education and awareness-raising

Category: Environmental and consumer education

Goals Connect is WasteReduction´s experienced educational partner having implemented over 200 workshops in the field of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In joint workshops with students and schools, we promote awareness of environmental protection and the consequences of plastic in nature.

Workshop participantslearn about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic and know in which applications it is climate-friendly and when it should be avoided.

Through several interactive sessions, students learn how plastic is produced, why it is often difficult to recycle, how it causes major environmental problems, and what the participants and their families can do to increase the recycling rate with simple tricks.

The workshops are completely free for schools. If you would like us to visit your school, please feel free to contact us!

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