Because we all share the same planet.

We are a social impact start-up that tackles the global and local plastic crisis. 98% of plastic waste in the ocean originates from countries with inadequate waste management. We have almost no influence on this in Central Europe, but we didn't want to stand by and watch any longer.


With plastic offsetting, we have created an opportunity for everyone to become part of this mission...

We are working hard to ensure that we no longer exist in the future!

We are a start-up that shouldn't even exist. The presence of plastic waste in the environment is avoidable. 

We didn't want to stand idly by while people were left to deal with their waste alone and beaches turned into garbage dumps. We believe that our nature and its inhabitants deserve to be protected from plastic waste.

Waste prevention and waste reduction are our own obligations. Our business partners and supporters go above and beyond their own responsibilities to safeguard our shared livelihood. We are infinitely grateful for their commitment!

This is what WasteReduction stands for:


At WasteReduction, sustainable environmental protection is our top priority. That's why we do not sell promotional items or products made from "ocean plastic." Even products made from recycled plastic will eventually become waste again!


Our offsetting supports social and environmentally friendly projects. Fair compensation for employees and partners, as well as high ecological standards, characterize our collaborations.


For us, environmental protection is a matter of the heart, which is why WasteReduction does not profit from revenue. Instead, any surplus generated is reinvested in nature conservation.

Our Operations Team

Co-Founder, Operations & Business Development

Martin is a trained toolmaker.

Bei den Worldskills (Berufsweltmeisterschaften) 2011 in London  durfte er Österreich als „Mold Maker“ vertreten.

After gaining professional experience in the field of applied research, he obtained the Austrian engineering degree (HTL) and studied Mechatronics (B.Eng.), followed by Technology Entrepreneurship (M.Sc.).


During his studies, he received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.



Martin is an expert in sustainable packaging and their life cycle assessments, providing consultation to our clients.

Co-Founder, Operations & Partnerships

Ruth studied Politics & Psychology (B.A.) as well as International Relations at Sciences Po Paris (M.A.) and the LSE in London (M.Sc.).

During her studies, she received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.


She has worked in various countries and for organizations such as United Nations Volunteers, the Center for International Peace Operations, and various NGOs. 


Her experiences from the Foreign Office as well as the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development contribute to our project coordination and compliance.


Customer Relations

Education Programme

Our Consultants:

Ina Ballik

Consultant for Plastic Compensation

Expert in Plastic Credits and sustainability standards. Author of the ValuCred Report.

Isabelle Ritter

President of the ZeroWaste Association Berlin.


Expert in waste reduction. She advises us with a focus on consumer interests.

Lennard Nickel

Official at BMZ
(Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)

Expert in environmental policy. Former official at the Federal Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection.



There is no Planet B. An intact nature is the foundation for health and peace. That's why our mission is to combat environmental pollution at its source.


Preserving biodiversity and the natural habitats of animals is important to us. We prioritize animal welfare.


We believe that we are personally responsible for the world we leave behind for future generations.

Plastic offsetting for your products

This is how your products protect the environment, despite the use of plastic.

We enable your impact

Plastic-neutral consumption should become the new standard.