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We are committed to the environment and do not want to burden it further. That's why you won't find any t-shirts, bracelets, or other stuff to buy from us that would need to be manufactured, packaged, and shipped, only to eventually become waste.


Was wir anbieten ist „reiner“ (hihi), messbarer Umweltschutz und Umweltbildung für Kinder…


Plastic offsetting means that for a certain amount of plastic, the environment is protected from an equivalent amount of plastic pollution. 


Measures to protect the environment can include: avoiding the production of unnecessary plastic, preventing plastic waste from entering the environment, and collecting plastic which leaked into the environment.


In practice, an offsetting payment is made for a specific amount of plastic. This funds activities that remove the same amount of other plastic waste from the environment or prevent it from polluting nature.

Many consumers want to take action against plastic pollution and therefore try to avoid plastic.


However, many alternatives lead to higher CO2 emissions and therefore have a more negative impact on our climate. Due to increasingly strict export regulations, waste from Central Europe also does not account for a significant portion of the millions of tons of plastic waste that end up in our oceans every year.


We ourselves have stood desperately in stores, with images of littered paradises and birds suffocating on plastic in our minds. However, the cause of this catastrophe lies in the lack of waste management in many regions of the world. That is why we have created a possibility through offsetting to take action where massive amounts of plastic waste threaten our livelihood due to inadequate waste collection and recycling.

Through us, consumers are empowered to tackle the global plastic problem and can help protect and sustainably preserve our nature when shopping.

Der Begriff „CO2-neutral“ ist mittlerweile den meisten Menschen bekannt. It means that for every kilogram of CO2 emitted, an equivalent amount of CO2 is either sequestered or prevented from being released.


We have applied this logic to plastic consumption. For every kilogram of plastic that is produced and offset by us, we ensure that an equal amount of other plastic is prevented from entering the environment or recovered from it.


Our measures take the negative impacts already caused by plastic into account but are clearly oriented towards the future. Therefore, one-third of a compensated kilogram is recovered from the environment, and two-thirds are prevented from entering it. Leakage is prevented through waste management infrastructure, mostly in poorer countries countries.This offset kilogram is thus "neutralized".


However, this is not enough for us! We not only want to offset but also bring about an improvement in the future. That is why, together with our partners, we operate our own educational program to teach people not to dispose of plastic waste in nature and to explain in which applications plastic can be climate-friendly and when it should be avoided. Because we can only solve the plastic crisis together.

Darüber hinaus investieren wir in Forschung & Innovation. So fördern wir die Entwicklung von besseren und umweltverträglicheren Materialen, sowie fähigeren Recyclingverfahren.

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